I’ve never been to Pearland but when I heard that Thanh Phuong served game, I took my first drive down the 288. About 20 miles into the ride, I had grown skeptical. Finally spotting the building it is housed in didn’t offer any assurances nor did the 14 page menu. (In general, I believe a restaurant’s ability to provide fresh, quality dishes has an inverse relationship with the quantity of menu selections it offers.) I thoroughly enjoyed being proven wrong!  – PJ G, Houston, Texas via Yelp!

“After living in Pearland for almost 8 years, I stumbled across this restaurant in a strip shopping mall and it has become our favorite local place for Pho (they also serve what appears to be delicious Chinese food).”  – Maverick6 via TripAdvisor.

New owner, good job, staff is so nice! I’ve always liked viet food ESP spring rolls! Clean and nice place for dinner. Must try! – Wendy Peepler via Yahoo Local

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